Our Commitment

Montana Community Services is committed to assuring:

  • Youth-centered, individualized program services
  • Opportunities for the development of skills and personal competencies
  • A home that is safe, supportive and helps develop resiliency in our youth

Our Values

  • Encouraging the development of a positive self image.
  • Developing and maintaining relationships is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Encouraging the development of positive peer relationships and the skills to maintain them.
  • Recognizing the developmental needs of each child and facilitation the youth’s ability to display more age appropriate skills.
  • Recognizing that behavioral approaches enhance social functioning by establishing predictable rewards for positive behavior and by setting limits on negative behavior.
  • The families of the youth are primary resources and partners in our efforts to help the youth.
  • The environmental focuses on positive behavior in order to provide an atmosphere conducive to growth and positive attachments.
  • All interventions are individualized and goal oriented toward placement in the least restrictive environment possible.
  • All youth are involved in the community in whatever capacity is appropriate to support their interests.

Our Services

Our intensive therapeutic homes serve boys and girls ages five to fourteen, who have serious emotional challenges that cannot be supported within their family home for a variety of reasons. These youth are in need of a more structured environment that can be found with their families at this time or have completed residential treatment but are not ready for a less restrictive environment such as therapeutic foster home.

Our program is an intensive therapeutic model where each child:

  • Receives individual therapy several times a week
  • Participates in group therapy sessions
  • Is involved in family therapy provided to those youth with parental or placement family involvement
  • Is served in a home with an enriched staffing pattern

All services are directed and supervised by a licensed clinical therapist. The program is licensed by the State of Montana, Department of Public Health and Human Services.

Support Services

The youth involved in our services are also involved in day treatment programs or attend public school programs in School District #2.

We firmly believe that all youth involved in our program must have the opportunity to participate in integrated activities within our community. Some of these activities include:

  • Little guy wrestling
  • Football
  • Choice of religious activities
  • Summer Reading Enrichment Program
  • Little League Baseball
  • City of Billings Parks and Recreation Programs

The youth involved in our programs have many opportunities to take advantage of numerous seasonal and special recreational activities offered in the community such as the Hot Air Balloon Fest and Air Show, as well as other activities and events.